EMMA FIELD FBEMMA FIELD FB I say this with all sincerity.....when I share pictures and get positive feedback, it means a great deal to me. But, as I edit pictures...look through them...sort them out, I think about how what makes the pictures beautiful is the subject....and God's amazing miracles sent for our enjoyment.


Beautiful children.....up and coming graduates....new life....families who have faced indescribable odds.....new love ... and love that has been tried and remained true.....the grasses, the trees, the sky...the warm, magical sunlight....and clients I've met that have made me a better person....all of those things I am deeply thankful for....


I love how this picture showcases one of His amazing creations sitting in the simple and beautiful field of grass so generously shared with Happy Clicker Photography. There's more to say, but if you read all of that...thank you! Sometimes your senses get filled up...and it feels good to share.


(No worries about if I'll be overly deep during your session - ha!  I'm also a klutz who likes to laugh and hear other people's stories.  Everyone has a story!   I love meeting new clients and putting them at ease as we make our way through a fun portrait session. )